Napa Hot Yoga & Pilates Center

Join us at Napa Hot yoga and Pilates Center. Great classes, great NHY community, supportive certified, professional and compassionate instructors.  Great Specials! Download the Napa Hot Yoga app , visit our website Napa Hot Yoga Where it’s Cool to Sweat!

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Napa Valley Winter 2018

The winter has set in and the peacefulness of the valley surrounds . The past two years of wild fires have certainly put a dent into the travel & tourism business. The Napa Valley is beautiful, and yes although we experienced damage to some wineries, we continued to operate and host guests from all over the world. We pray that 2019 is a stronger year. A few changes have been made in 2018. We decided to lease Uncorked at Oxbow and discontinue making wine. Hall winery will be featuring their Baca brand and have a few great changes in store . The B&B has had a few updates in landscaping, kitchen and guest rooms. It’s been 30 years since I bought the property(1988) licensed and created such a great location to hosts guests from all over the world.

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Winter 2017

As 2017 nears to the end, we look back with gratitude on the past years blessings. The B&B continues to host guests from all over the world. Uncorked at Oxbow our wine tasting house featuring our Ahnfeldt and Carducci Wines continues to serve locals and tourists with fine wines, and great music. In August we opened Napa Hot Yoga, also serving our Napa hot yoga community, a long awaited studio since the original Bikram studio closed almost 2 years ago.

The Fires were devastating in Northern California, and now Southern California is trying to contain fires spreading from the Santa Anna winds. Our personal home was slightly damaged, as the fire raged past the home, broke glass doors, burned patio and dining chairs, then the wind shifted and the fire past . We are in the process of returning to almost normal, but there is a lot of work ahead in landscaping, cleaning, smoke damage…etc.

Blessings, as no one in our family or friends were injured but many lost their homes. We are looking forward to a safe, healthy, happy and loving Holiday Season. Cheers to 2018! Cheers to a new vintage!

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Winter in the Napa Valley

Enjoy the serenity and special savings during the more quiet times of the beautiful Napa Valley. The grapes are fermenting, to produce yet another spectacular NV vintage.

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Balancing and Blending

It is a great lifestyle living in the beautiful Napa Valley , enjoying great wines, cuisine and keeping it all in balance with regular exercise is a must. We are blessed with great weather, walking, hiking , cycling, yoga and cardio dance are some of the fitness exercise categories that I enjoy and teach. The loop at Silverado Country Club is a great 60 minute challenge offering rolling hills and is approx. 4 miles. Westwood Hills and Alston Park are great choices for variety. I enjoy hot yoga to stretch out and improve in Flexibility, but also enjoy teaching Focus and Flex which promotes balance and flexibility. Teaching Cardio dance is fun as it is a true test of choreography and the class is challenged for 45 minutes of  continual movement.

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Lush Napa Valley

Harvest Season is approaching and the grapes are ripening well. Napa has added some superb restaurants to it’s downtown location. Napa is one of the most walkable  cities in the valley. Tasting rooms, galleries, top restaurants and shops continue to open. Daily the foot traffic, boasting with tourists and locals can be seen out and about.

Our Uncorked at Oxbow Wine tasting house offers superb wine tastings of our award winning Ahnfeldt and Carducci wines. Live music every Thursday with our open mic featuring local and visiting musicians and vocalists jamming to tunes old and new.

Live music in August on Saturdays 7-10 pm feature local Bands like Class Action, Fugitive Dust, Mark Harold Family band and more. In September Friday night 7-10 pm will return as our “band night”.

Acoustic Sundays 2-6pm offers a lazy Sunday venue of unplugged musicians, and great sips of our wines.

Come and Get Uncorked with Us! 605 First St. downtown Napa

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Harvest Napa Valley Approaching

Tourism is at a peak as the harvest begins and the grapes are in route to crush, tanks and barrels. It will be a great year however temps have been low and the ripening season may be pushed back again. The McClelland-Priest B&B is enjoying a busy season filled with guests from all over the US and some international travel. The earthquake of August 2014 created some architectural bumps, bruises and breaks but we are almost all recovered. The Victorian chandelier once in the formal parlor is beyond repair, so replacing it will be the next adventure.

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Uncorked at Oxbow

Join Us every Tuesday at 11 am for our barrel , blend and wine tasting sessions. Reservations by appointment 11am 8-10 guests. Experience what we so with our wine maker to create our Ahnfeldt and Carducci Award winning wines! Come and Get Uncorked with Us!

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Cardio Dance makes a Comeback

Baby Boomers get your move on, we are happening in Napa. I have been teaching the Cardio Dance class at Healthquest Napa since early 2015. We have the moves , the steps and the calories to burn together! Come and Cardio with Us!

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Welcome in the New Year

2016 Great year ahead

We have been blessed with rainfall after 3 solid years of what California has experienced a  serious drought. Although tourist season has been at a low since 2012, ski slopes are filled and a typical slow season Napa Valley comes back to memory . Presidents/Valentines Weekend kick off the Season. Bottle Rock Weekend full since the line up was announced. We are planning our after parties at Uncorked at Oxbow! Stayed Tuned! Check out the Facebook Video

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