Winter 2017

As 2017 nears to the end, we look back with gratitude on the past years blessings. The B&B continues to host guests from all over the world. Uncorked at Oxbow our wine tasting house featuring our Ahnfeldt and Carducci Wines continues to serve locals and tourists with fine wines, and great music. In August we opened Napa Hot Yoga, also serving our Napa hot yoga community, a long awaited studio since the original Bikram studio closed almost 2 years ago.

The Fires were devastating in Northern California, and now Southern California is trying to contain fires spreading from the Santa Anna winds. Our personal home was slightly damaged, as the fire raged past the home, broke glass doors, burned patio and dining chairs, then the wind shifted and the fire past . We are in the process of returning to almost normal, but there is a lot of work ahead in landscaping, cleaning, smoke damage…etc.

Blessings, as no one in our family or friends were injured but many lost their homes. We are looking forward to a safe, healthy, happy and loving Holiday Season. Cheers to 2018! Cheers to a new vintage!

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